On Guard for Humanity

 Founded :2005

Charity No.:84526 9075 RR0001

A Not-for-Profit  Canadian based registered public charity 


Areas of expertise: 

Response to natural and other disasters including;  search, rescue, recovery and victims care.


Providing assistance to the victims of war and displaced people as a result of internal armed conflicts working in tandem with the UNHCR and other International NGOs.


Infrastructure development and capacity building projects delivered at a local community level through education and on the job training across gender lines creating viable and sustainable communities significantly reducing  poverty and improving livelihoods... 

Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessity freely available to them. Help us change that.


We have a simple mission: to eradicate suffering as a result of wars, internal  armed conflicts , natural and other disasters and build-up new viable communities through well planned infrastructure development and capacity building projects that are sustainable, create jobs and training across gender lines and significantly reduce the levels of human suffering, displacement and poverty, whilst improving living standards in affected communities worldwide.


What We’re Doing


On Guard for Humanity is run and administered entirely by a dedicated Board of Directors and Volunteers from all walks of life (Human Capital), who give their time, knowledge, resources and life work experience for the good of humanity.


On Guard for Humanity is authorized to operate in three key areas:

1. Disaster relief to victims of natural and other disasters;

2. Disaster and war relief to refugees and displaced persons living in refugee camps; and

3. Infrastructure development and capacity building projects, which includes but is not limited to:

    - Establishment of Emergency Preparedness programs at a local community level;

    - Empowering communities to anticipate and respond to disasters before outside help


    - Our Infrastructure Development and Capacity Building Programs are designed to stamp

       out; poverty and disease by embarking on a series of partnering arrangements,

       economic models and programs for long term sustainability and success in delivering

       these programs at a local community level. 



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